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Literoof is a World-class product developed with advanced technology. Made from bitumen saturated organic fibres, the roofing material comes as a lightweight low cost solution and can be used for all kinds of building and structures.

Literoof is available in a wide range as the TUF-10 series to suit specific needs. Because of its high durability, it can also be considered as a competition to other roofing materials like Thatch roof, Asbestos, RMP etc. LITEROOF sheets find applicability in Touring Talkies, Schools, Tea Shops, Garages etc. They are also presently being used to shelter industries.


The following products are currently being exported:

Name of the Export varietyColorDimension
Size in mm.
Literoof sheets: Gulf Red2000 x 90010
 Cherry Red2000 x 90010
 Green2000 x 90010
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RidgesGulf Red1000 x 500
 Cherry Red1000 x 500
 Green1000 x 500
Gable AnglesGulf Red1000
 Cherry Red1000
Plastic WashersRed 

The following colours are available for export:

GreenCherry Red Red


The outstanding features of LITEROOF are

Light Weight
Lightweight, the greatest asset of Literoof makes it easier to handle, fix, and transport. It also avoids the use of strong base materials, thereby reducing the complexity of structure.

Flexibility enables ease of handling and fixing and is the right choice for curved rooftops & irregular surfaces.

Literoof has high stress-bearing capacity and resistance to extremes of weather. It is leak proof & termite proof, which enhances its performance.

Safety & Hygiene
Literoof is very safe to handle and work with and possess no health hazards to humans.

Literoof is instrumental in cutting down the total structural cost due to its lightweight and low unit cost. Further it also reduces the incidental costs on fixing and transport.

Literoof sheets can be fixed directly on the existing roofs without removing the same. As opposed to removing an old roofing, Literoof can be easily fixed over the existing roof covering.


The products available for local market are:

Name of the varietySize in cms.
Single side Colour Painted Sheets 
Literoof Tuf - 10 Litered122 x 75
Literoof Tuf - 10 lite Grey / Terracotta122 x 75
Single side Gulf Red Painted Sheets 
Literoof Expodel122 x 75
Literoof Expodel183 x 75
Literoof Expodel122 x 90
Literoof Expodel183 x 90
Single side Colour Painted Sheets 
Literoof Expo 10 Blue/Grey183 x 90
Literoof Expo 10 Blue/Grey122 x 90
Literoof Expo 10 Gray/Terracotta183 x 75
Plain Roofing Sheets 
Literoof Litered122 x 75
Literoof Litered122 x 45
Literoof Expodel Gulf Red122 x 75
Literoof Expodel Gulf Red122 x 45
Roofing Ridges 
Literoof Expodel Gulf Red90 x 50
Literoof Color Ridges90 x 50

Literoof is available in the following colours for local market:




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