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Literoof is manufactured to strict world-class standards in a state -of-the-art Factory premisesplant with Mexican collaboration. The roofing sheets are made from bitumen saturated organic fibres making it a light - weight solution. The organic materials used for the production ensure that the product does not pose any health hazard. The organic materials are made into fibre mats, that is later wetted and corrugated. These corrugated sheets are then introduced into hot liquified Asphalt and dried.

The sheets have been put through stringent Quality assurance tests such as:

  1. Accelerated weather and Ultra Violet radiation
  2. Strength and impact loading (to check the load bearing capacity)
  3. Water and Weather proofing
  4. Water absorption
  5. Heat deformation
  6. Thermal resistance
  7. Wind lift (to check for suitability in hurricane and earthquake conditions)

Regular upgradation of the infrastructure and implementation of new technologies contribute to the quality of the product.


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